Bedsoft Shavings

BedSoft Shavings are produced from a variety of soft wood predominantly from spruce, which creates a premium practical low dust shavings bed. This bed is a stunning bright beige colour with a lovely dry woody aroma, which both looks and smells impressive. 

BedSoft Shavings is a soft wood which contains a mix of large and small shavings that gives you a practial low dust bed, perfect for all types of horses and ponies. 

BedSoft Shavings is produced in a state of the art manufacturing facility which has removed all foreign matter such as a glass, plastic and metal. This leaves you with a full long lasting bed, free from pathogens, pests and weed seeds. 

Our bedding is

Light in colour with a woody aroma

Low carbon emissions due to being a UK produced product

Sourced from sustainably grown conifer trees plantations

All our packaging is recyclable

Compact uniformed bales